I was born in Kananga the Republic of Congo. Since I was six years old I had a great desire in my heart to serve the Lord. Not knowing which direction to take, I told my parents that I wanted to be a catholic priest. There was many an occasion when my parents were not around that I would go into the bush and kneel down and pray to the Lord asking him to reveal Himself to me.

My parents were against me becoming a priest although they were catholic themselves. They wanted me to rather have a family. While I was in high school I became friends with Basole and he was tremendously different from all the other teenagers. This caused me to ask him why he was so different. His answer to me was that God had sent a messenger to this last age of time and his name was William Branham. He was such a good example of a Christian that I desired to have what he had in my life and to serve the same God. In 1982 I decided give my heart to the Lord and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and my life has never been the same or better since that time.

In June 1997 I was driving in a taxi in the Congo, when two rebel soldiers opened fire on the taxi with the intention of killing all occupants. Approximately 10 bullets where fired and one man was killed in the taxi. God rich in mercy allowed me to survive. I immediately went to visit with the elders of the church. We prayed and fasted for 3 days and the Lord said that He wanted to move me to the United States to an area that was close to the Ocean where I will meet people praying upstairs because they needed the revealed Word of the hour. When I arrived in the United States on July 7, 1997 I stayed with a friend and one denominational pastor invited me to a picnic he was hosting at the ocean. There I met sister Jeanne who invited me and my family for dinner. That evening she invited us to go with her to a prayer meeting. When I arrived at the meeting a Bro Jim saw me without knowing that I was a minister. He said, “tonight Bro Bin you are going to speak to us about the Lord”. I was impressed when I found out that the meeting was to be held upstairs and I asked for a room where I could go pray before the meeting and ask the Lord if this is the place he had told me about in Africa. The Lord confirmed to me that it was indeed the place. I preached to them a message called “Be Certain of God” and that night almost 10 people believed the message and they where baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted the message of the hour, although they still attended there own churches.

I decided from that point to also have evening meetings to allow them to come fellowship after their regular services, and that is how our humble little fellowship began. It has been a tough and long road especially having to deal with a language barrier and culture difference. The mountain seemed too large for me to climb. In the darkest moment of my ministry, I decided to move my family and I to Indiana where I could sit under and established ministry and church where I could be a simple member. Fortunately God had other plans for me.

While on a trip to Indiana with my family the Lord led a certain brother to speak to me and he said the following, “I see a light on your face and the same on your wife’s face”. He continued to tell me that I was a minister and that I was planning to move to Indiana. He said that I should not move and that I should stay where I was in Maine and that the Lord would send his children to me. I know this was from the Lord as I had never met this brother before and I had not mentioned my intentions to anyone, and I had prayed for the Lord’s guidance in our move.

Our humble little congregation began with just simple house meetings originally. Then the Lord added to our spiritual family and led us to the YWCA in Spring Street, Portland in a little fire room. We fellowshipped here for two years, and then was forced to move after the YMCA decided to renovate and designated the room for another use.

In 2004 the Lord led us once again to the location at 134 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. It is the recreation room for the Parks and Recreation Department next to the Fire Department. We are continually in prayer for God to provide a building that we can call our own so we can dedicate it to the service of the Lord.

Praise the Lord, Jehovah Jirah has provided for us once again. Our current location is located at @ 1844 Forest Ave Portland, ME 04103. This is such a blessing since we can also use the church during the week for prayer. We meet on wednesday nights at 7:00pm for prayer and worship.

If you are in the area I invite all to come and fellowship with us in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.